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TEW @ 2014 Gusher Days
Saturday, April 19, 2014
12pm & 3pm
Downtown Gladewater, Texas

TEW Unrestrained - 12pm

Gladewater & Gilmer Team-Up!
Maxx Lavaro & Mongoose
Dylan Smasher & Mykal Kross

TEW Title Match
Cory Summers (c)
Chaz Thomas

Singles Match
Sean Cordova
Tiger T

Tag-Team Match
Ultimo Astro & Fantastico
Excelente Astro & Bizzy B

Singles Match
Chris Preston

Golden Ticket Battle Royal
-10 wrestlers enter; 1 becomes contender


TEW Battle of Gladewater - 3pm

TEW Title Match
Cory Summers (c)
Golden Ticket Winner

Singles Match
Sean Cordova

Grudge Match
Tiger T
Black Train

(More Matches To Be Announced!)

[Card Subject to Change]

TEW @ Gusher Days
April 19, 2014 - 12PM and 3PM
Downtown Gladewater, Texas

TEW Texas Face-Off
May 18, 2014 - 3PM
3232 US Hwy 80 Gladewater, Texas

[Dates Subject to Change]

TEW Champion:

Cory Summers

Elite Champion:

Black Train

Innovation Champion:

Maxx Lavaro

Tag-Team Champions:

The Last of the Real



Dylan Smasher Smashes Competition! | April 6, 2014

-On Saturday, April 5, 2014, the hometown resident of Grand Saline, Dylan Smasher, came prepared for a challenge as he saw competition against three different opponents in one match. At the very beginning of the event, Dylan Smasher made an enemy out of Slim Matthew who was announcing the event. Dylan commented that Grand Saline's Band Director would serve as the announcer. Later in the evening after Smasher made his way out for the main event, Slim returned and brought out not only his monster known as Creed but Sean Cordova as well. It seemed like we would have a 2 vs. 1 Handicap Match, but Hunter Dude Preston came to the ring and evened the odds. As the crowd of Grand Saline cheered for the impromptu tag-team main event, Hunter Dude Preston viciously attacked Dylan Smasher and a 3 vs. 1 Handicap Match commenced.

The odds were stacked against the hometown challenger, but somehow he fought valiantly against the three foes with Slim Matthew serving as the ringside manager. Each time when it seemed like Smasher was down and out, he fought back up stronger and faster. Eventually, he sent both Sean Cordova and Hunter Dude Preston out of the ring and placed his full attention to the biggest man in the match - Creed. He came off the top rope with a huge splash that he calls, "The Ultra Smash," and pinned Creed's shoulders down to the mat for the huge victory!

"Smash!" was a huge success and we would like to thank everyone that attended the event and everyone that made the event possible!

Final TEW Event - May 18, 2014 | March 23, 2014

-On Sunday, May 18, 2014, Texas Elite Wrestling will hold its final event in Gladewater, Texas. This decision has been in discussions for over a year and we feel that with TEW celebrating ten years in January, this is the best time to have the final event.

We invite everyone to the show to come out and support their favorite wrestlers. But we are not done yet! TEW will be heading on the road in the month of April. On April 5th, we will be presenting "Smash!" at the Grand Saline High School Gymnasium. On April 19th, we have once again been invited to the East Texas Gusher Days as we present "Unrestrained" and "Battle of Gladewater."

Cory Summers Wins TEW Championship! | March 23, 2014

-After losing the TEW Heavyweight Championship on November 3, 2013 most speculated that Cory Summers would never be able to capture the title again, but never once did he believe that. He claimed for months that he had the biggest heart in the promotion and vowed to overcome all the obstacles that lay in his way. First was the biggest man on the roster, Creed. The Independent Wrestling Commerce had him in their back pocket if the time came that they needed to bring him in during the war between The Rise and The Demise, but Slim Matthew introduced him early and he and Creed aligned with The Demise.

On January 26th, just two days before his twentieth birthday, Summers teamed with members of The Rise to face Creed and several members of The Demise. In this match, Summers and Creed fought to the outside and were counted out. Kross, on the other hand, refused to be a defending champion and Slim Matthew made it known that he supported the decision.

On February 23rd, Cory Summers saw singles action against Creed. Although Summers had the experience, Creed certainly had the advantage due to size. This is where the mention of Summers’ big heart came into play as he proved that in professional wrestling size doesn’t matter as he triumphed over the monster. With the win, it gave him an opportunity to face Mykal Kross for the TEW Heavyweight Title!

One month after a victory over the largest man on the roster and befriending him after the match, Summers walked into the main event against Mykal Kross with the most prized possession on the line. Summers certainly brought his A-Game, but Kross did as well as this was the first time since capturing the championship that he was willing to defend. Summers has a never say die attitude and it was shown in this match as he refused to stay down time after time.

Summers had a few counters in his arsenal and sent Kross down to the mat. Three seconds later, Official Chris Grimes raised the hand of Cory Summers as the new TEW Heavyweight Champion! We would like to congratulate him on the huge win. We have been informed that the new Elite Champion Mongoose has already made a challenge to Cory Summers in a Champion vs. Champion Match at “Smash!” in Grand Saline, Texas on April 5th!

Sean Cordova Turns on Maxx Lavaro | March 23, 2014

-Maxx Lavaro hasn’t been too happy about the members of The Rise not having his back during or after his matches. Sean Cordova made it known in a backstage interview that he always supported Lavaro, but stayed in backstage by Lavaro’s request. For the past few months, Lavaro has lost a friend in Dylan Smasher, lost the Tag-Team Championship, and lost a Crimson Halo Match.

After winning the Innovation Title, last eliminating Dylan Smasher, Sean Cordova and a few members of The Rise came to the ring to congratulate him on the victory. Lavaro sent them all away except for Cordova. He screamed in Cordova’s face several times in the altercation stating that Cordova was never around in his losses, but was the first when he won. Never cared when he was at the bottom, but when he stood high on the mountain there was Cordova trying to take some of the spotlight. Cordova apologized to Lavaro and asked for a handshake. Eventually, Lavaro shook Cordova’s hand. As Lavaro celebrated with the title, Cordova pulled him back, kicked him and drove the Innovation Title into Lavaro’s head simultaneously with The Big Bang. He stood over Lavaro and challenged him to a match at Texas Face-Off on May 18th with the Innovation Title on the line!

Maxx Lavaro Wins Innovation Title | March 23, 2014

-On March 23rd he entered into a 4-Way Elimination Match with the Innovation Title on the line against champion Jeremy Preston, Chris Preston and Dylan Smasher. Since the title’s inception in 2010, Lavaro never had competed for the championship until now. All four challengers had history with one another as Lavaro and Smasher were former partners as were Chris and Jeremy Preston. All, of course, had bad blood between them as well. Jeremy Preston made it quite known that he was not going to lose the championship on this night, but the size eleven boot of Chris Preston said otherwise as he was eliminated. Swiftly thereafter, Smasher sent Chris to the backstage with elimination. It came down to the former Tag-Team Champions of Smasher and Lavaro. The bad blood between the two has been boiling since Smasher turned on Lavaro and joined with The Demise and Lavaro hadn’t forgotten.

With a tight gripped hold on Smasher, Lavaro pulled out the victory and made Smasher pass out in the ring for a short time. Official Rob Wells awarded Lavaro with the championship. As Lavaro held the title up high, Smasher slowly got to his feet and the two embraced in a handshake.

This is the first time Lavaro has won the Innovation Title and now becomes the ninth Grand Slam Champion! We would like to congratulate him on this achievement.

Tiger T's Suplex Challenge | March 23, 2014

-Tiger T has been referred to as the Serengeti Suplex Machine. Last month, Sean Cordova challenged Tiger T to do twenty-three suplexes in one match. Tiger T accepted the match and on March 23rd at TEW Salvation, he stepped into the ring in a 5-Way Elimination Match. Throughout the contest, Tiger T proved his nickname as he tossed the five other individuals around the squared circle. After several eliminations, the final two were Tiger T and Chris Preston.

Preston found out firsthand that the challenge was very real when Tiger T sent him crashing down to the mat many times as he neared twenty-three. Sean Cordova strolled out the curtain at twenty-two and with a slight distraction, cost Tiger T the match and allowed Chris Preston to pull off the upset victory.

Sean Cordova stepped into the ring and boasted about Tiger T failing the challenge. Tiger T grabbed Cordova and attempted a T-Bone Suplex, but Cordova bailed. Once outside the ring, he was confronted by Lavaro and sent back into the ring where Tiger T sent him flying with the T-Bone Suplex.

Mongoose Wins Elite Championship | February 25, 2014

-Court Caution made a challenge on social media to Mongoose when he was informed that Black Train would not be able to make the event for their scheduled bout. In their time with the promotion, Mongoose and Caution have not shared the ring many times and Caution felt that with Train not being present, he wanted a challenge for his second defense.

Several championships changed hands on March 23rd and the Elite Title was one of them as Mongoose picked up the win over Caution. Decked out in a robe and new boots, Mongoose’s focus has been more solid than ever and he proved it with the championship win.

Mongoose’s next scheduled match will be against Cory Summers, the newly crowned TEW Heavyweight Champion, on April 5th at “TEW Smash!” We would like to congratulate Mongoose on his second Elite Title win.

Brother vs. Brother! | March 23, 2014

-Excelente Astro did the unthinkable last month when he viciously attacked his older brother after losing a tag-team bout. On March 23rd, the two did battle in their first singles match against each other. In Texas Elite Wrestling, it isn't strange to see brothers in action against each other as Chris and Hunter Dude Preston are a testament of that in their many battles. It just that Los Astros have always been a prominent tag-team in the promotion and many people never thought that they would disconnect.

Their singles match ended with a disqualification win after Excelente Astro refused to break the five count initiated by Larry Grimes, followed by pushing the official afterwards. Excelente Astro continued the attack until Bizzy B returned and sent him cowering into the corner. Once Ultimo Astro reached his feet, Bizzy B decked him down to the mat. Before any other action could happen, the music of Fantastico played over the speakers which signified that he would be returning very soon!

It has officially reported that Excelente Astro will team with Bizzy B taking on Ultimo Astro and Fantastico in tag-team action on Saturday, April 19th at 12PM!